Freakin’ Out – Available now!

“Hello again & happy 2018! As you might have guessed we’ve been busy writing a plethora of new tunes for you. One of these tunes is our new single called ‘Freakin’ Out’. This song was actually the first track we wrote after releasing our first record Internal & in the eighteen months since its initial creation we still haven’t got sick of it, so we thought we’d better give it to you guys before we do. On the surface ‘Freakin’ Out’ is one of the more playful tracks we’ve done, incorporating elements of tongue & cheek combined with visceral & quirky production. However, if you dig a little deeper a slightly darker tone & message begins to prevail. ‘Freakin’ Out’ will be the first of a few singles we’re hoping to release this year & we can’t wait to show you what else we’ve been cooking up. As usual we can’t thank you enough for supporting us & we truly hope you enjoy our new track as much as we do!”

Freakin’ Out – Available now